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We will try to keep this page updated as often as possible with all the latest news and info...

First Photo:

As promised we can now reveal the first teaser photo that will appear in your Gillian Anderson 2004 calendar. Keep checking back as we will be revealing one or two more over the coming weeks.....

Please do not copy this image to any other website, message board or group as it is copyright of the owner and authorised for use in the calendar and it's promotion only. Thank you for your co-operation

Your name in the Calendar:

We are very grateful to everyone who has made extra donations to this project, and as such their names will be listed as a sponsor in the printed calendar. If you would like to be a sponsor and have your name in the Gillian Anderson 2004 calendar we must have your donation by no later than midday Wednesday 26th November (GMT), which is tomorrow! After this cut-off date we will still be thrilled to receive your donations, however it will unfortunately be too late to get your name into the calendar as a sponsor.

CD Sales:

We have a great deal which people may like to take part in.....We are now able to sell the NEW Buskaid CD at the special reduced price of only £10!! However, this offer is only available in combination with the purchase of the calendar. Therefore if the 2 are ordered together it will only cost you £20 plus postage, packaging and payapal charges, which we think is an absolute bargain!! : )

If you have already ordered your calendar do not fear, you can still take part in this special offer! You will need to send an additional payment of:

     UK   £11
     Europe   £11.50
     Rest of World   £12

If you have not ordered your calendar yet and would like to order your calendar and CD together the total prices will be as follows:

     UK   £23.60
     Europe   £25.10

     world zone 1     £27.45

     world zone 2     £27.85

All of these prices include postage, packaging and paypal charges, which need to be covered.

If you are confused by any of this or would simply like more info please do not hesitate to email us at for more details.

Printing Sponsorship:

We are lucky enough to have found a professional printing company who has offered to sponsor this project by printing your calendars for free! The only cost that we may have to cover is the courier of the printed calendar to the UK – however, we hope to get this sponsored too. So….this will mean that the full £10 from every calendar sold will go directly to Buskaid!

We will now only be printing 300 calendars so this is a genuinely limited edition print run. Calendars are still available to purchase through the paypal link on the purchasing page or by emailing us at for details.

Photo Submission:

After a wonderful response and lots of fabulous photos spanning 1996-2003, we now have the final 12 photos which will appear in your Gillian Anderson 2004 calendar! Hurrah! We are really sorry to those of you who were looking forward to voting as we realise we had promised this right from the start. However, Gillian has since chosen just the right amount of photos needed for the calendar, which is why we can no longer have the poll.

We will be releasing a selection of the final 12 photos over the next few weeks as a taster of what's in store for 2004! But, some of the photos will never appear online and will remain a surprise for you when you receive your printed copy of the calendar.